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Height adjustable over table shield 326/05


A dramatic reduction in radiation exposure to the whole body can be achieved when this shield is properly utilised.

Note: This product is not available in your selected region.

It creates an extensive safety zone within which the practitioner can work. The wide shadow cast by the shield also provides protection to assisting personnel.

  • The counterbalanced lead acrylic window may be positioned over the patient and height adjusted to suit the table.
  • The 50 x 116 cm window is supported at one end by a stand, which is shaped to allow for below table movements of C-arm mounted x-ray tubes.
  • The 80 cm high flexible curtains, which hang from the window, are adjustable for width from 45 cm to 80 cm. When extended to the tableside they provide maximum protection from scatter radiation.
  • Lead equivalent: 0.5 mm throughout.

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Height adjustable over table shield 326/05

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